Who We Are


The Bee Happy, Bee Kind Foundation was created in the memory of James (Jim) W. Rice. Jim, was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather who battled aggressive cancer almost ten years before the terrible disease took his life. Jim spent his life as a beekeeper and honey packer and lived by the motto of “Bee Happy”. Leading by example, Jim spent every day of his 80 years demonstrating that the best way to Bee Happy, was to always Bee Kind.

Much like a colony of honey bees dedicating their entire lives to their queen, Jim’s family surrounded him through this difficult journey. They were there with him through every difficult appointment, painful procedure and were fortunate enough to hold his hand during his final breath. Despite all of those trying days, there was lots and lots of joy. Jim spent his final years doing what he loved, using his hard-earned money to provide experiences of a lifetime for his family. They spent New Year’s Eve in Disney World and the Fourth of July in Turks and Caicos. They attended incredible sporting events and even had a large family cabin where they could all gather in the beautiful Colorado mountains. Jim was nothing less than selfless and was always putting everyone else before himself.

We pride ourselves on our relationships with families across the country as well as families within our community. Our grandfather taught us that relationships mean everything, and we hope that our foundation honors this deeply held value by supporting other families in our community who are touched by cancer.

Our objective is to assist you to create memories with your loved ones and do something you've always wanted to accomplish together but couldn't due to a lack of funds. We're here to help families overcome cancer by creating happy memories, hope, and strength.

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